Academic Regulations

23.6 Academic Standing

    The term “academic standing” comprises such matters as continuation in a program, promotion, graduation, and the requirement for a student to withdraw. Unless stated otherwise, changes to academic standing regulations affect new students, continuing students, and students readmitted to a program or Faculty. Students should refer annually to the Calendar for the academic standing regulations governing their degree programs.

    General Faculties Council has provided the following common academic standing categories and graduation standards for students registered in general (not honors or specialization) programs. Academic standing regulations for individual programs are given in the Faculty’s description of that program – all students should consult the listing for their own program. Individual Faculties may determine the frequency and timing of academic standing reviews.

23.6.1 Common Academic Standing Categories for General Undergraduate Programs

    The records of all students are reviewed at the end of each term or two-term period depending on the Faculty. Academic standing is determined by a student’s performance over the period under review.


First-Class Standing: Awarded to a student who obtains a grade point average of 3.5 or above while enrolled in a full, normal, academic course load in that year; the definition of a full normal academic course load shall be left to the Faculty concerned.


Satisfactory Standing: Awarded to a student who obtains a grade point average of 2.0 or above and normally indicates that the student is eligible to continue. The GPA requirements for specialization and honors programs are higher.


Marginal Standing: Given to a student who obtains a grade point average of 1.7 to 1.9. Students with marginal standing may be permitted to continue under academic warning. Students in some programs may be required to withdraw and/or repeat the entire year if their standing is marginal.


Unsatisfactory Standing: Normally given to a student who obtains a grade point average of 1.6 or below. Students whose records are found to be unsatisfactory will be notified by their dean and they are normally required to withdraw.

    Note: Averages in this section may be calculated as a Fall/Winter grade point average or as a cumulative grade point average depending upon Faculty regulations. Students must consult the appropriate individual Faculty sections of the Calendar for specific requirements. Rounding rules will apply (see §23.4)

23.6.2 Academic Warning, Academic Probation, Required to Withdraw


Academic Warning: A Faculty decision that a student with marginal standing must meet specified course and performance standards within a set time or credit frame to maintain eligibility in the program.


Academic Probation: A Faculty may allow a student whose previous academic record is either deficient in some respect or below the standard ordinarily required to continue on academic probation. The Faculty may require the student to meet specified course, program and performance standards to maintain eligibility in the program.


Required to Withdraw: A Faculty decision that a student with Unsatisfactory or Marginal Standing may not continue in a program.


Depending on the Faculty and on a student’s GPA for the period under review, students who have been required to withdraw from a Faculty:


may be required to discontinue their studies for a year, after which they may apply for readmission to the Faculty; or


if their GPA is between 1.3 and 1.6 and they have less than *60 in participating Faculties (see §220.5) may be allowed, on the recommendation of the Faculty, to establish satisfactory standing subsequent to having been required to withdraw by enrolling in the Fresh Start Program in Open Studies. After completing *18 with a GPA of at least 2.7 or *24 with a GPA of 2.0 on work done after being required to withdraw and meeting all other admission or readmission criteria, they may apply for readmission to a Faculty; or


subsequent to having been required to withdraw, may be required to successfully complete *18 transferable to the University with an AGPA of 2.7 or *24 transferable to the University with an AGPA of 2.0 at another postsecondary institution, after which they may apply for readmission to a Faculty.


Students who have previously been required to withdraw from another postsecondary institution and who wish to apply to the University of Alberta must satisfy the requirements set out in §14.2.1(6).

23.6.3 University Graduating Standards


Common Graduation GPA: For students in general programs (i.e., other than honors or specialization) the normal minimum graduation grade point average is 2.0.


Degrees with Honors: A student in the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science with approved qualifications may be admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science with Honors by following a more concentrated course of study in a special field under the supervision of one or more of the departments. The time required for an honors degree is normally four consecutive years. Degrees with Honors are awarded in two classes: First Class Honors, and Honors, in accordance with the requirements of the Faculty and department concerned.


Degrees with Distinction: At the discretion of the faculty concerned, the notation “With Distinction” is inscribed on the permanent record and graduation parchment of a candidate for any degree, except an honors or graduate degree, if the candidate has obtained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher over the last two years of the program.

23.6.4 Scholastic Standing and Extracurricular Activities

    Every student, prior to accepting nomination for any position on the Executive Committee of the Students’ Union or as the Board of Governors representative, shall be required to obtain a statement of academic eligibility from the dean of his or her faculty. This statement shall be filed with his or her nomination papers.

    To be eligible (1) to represent the University in any competition with outside organizations, (2) to participate in noncompetitive University activities which are open to the general public, or (3) to be eligible to hold office in a recognized student organization, a student must be a registered student taking at least one course for credit during each term and must meet the requirements of satisfactory scholastic standing as defined by the faculty.

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