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Funding for this program is made possible in part by the generosity and commitment of our donors. The list below represents individual Awards contributing to the funding available. As an applicant, you only need to apply to the scholarship or bursary program listed, or based on the application procedures indicated on the specified program page. Should you be selected as a recipient, you would then be notified as to which individual Award(s) you have received.

Undergraduate Academic Scholarships

The following scholarships are part of the Undergraduate Academic Scholarship Competition.

Dr HR MacLean Memorial Scholarship

Field of Study: Dentistry

Conditions: To be awarded annually to a student with superior academic achievement entering the final year of the Dental Program. Recipient will be selected on the basis of academic standing, leadership, sportsmanship and who is of a character which may be expected to make a distinguished contribution to the Dental Profession and Community. The award may be withheld in the event that no sufficiently deserving candidate is available.

Funded by: Endowed by the family, friends and colleagues, in memory of Dr Hector R MacLean, former Dean and Professor Emeritis, Faculty of Dentistry for his life long contributions to the practice, education, research and organization of Dentistry on the National and International level.