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Academic Regulations

23.2 Residence Requirements

    A student proceeding towards a first (bachelor’s) degree is expected to complete at least half of the credits required through courses offered by the University of Alberta (either “on” or “off” campus in Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer). Normally, at least half of these “University of Alberta” courses will be taken as the final courses in the program. Credits obtained by special assessment at the University of Alberta may be included in the count of courses used to satisfy the residency requirements. (See §14.2.4 Credit by Special Assessment.)

23.2.1 Transfer of Credit

    Transfer of credit for students being considered for admission to the University of Alberta is discussed in §14.2.2. Under certain circumstances, students registered in a degree program at the University of Alberta may be permitted to take courses at another recognized postsecondary institution for application to their program at the University of Alberta. Normally, this is accomplished by participating in a formal exchange program or by registering as a Visiting Student at the other institution. To be considered for such transfer credit, students must


Receive permission in advance from their home Faculty;


Be in good standing in their ongoing degree program;


Not have exceeded the maximum amount of transfer credit allowed by the Faculty.

    Transfer credit is normally awarded only for approved courses in which a grade of C- (or its equivalent) is achieved. Credit for such courses will be considered on a credit/no credit basis only and will not normally be included in any grade point average calculation; Faculties may have other requirements. Students should consult their Faculty section of this Calendar.

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