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General Information

62 General Information

    The Faculty of Business offers the degrees of Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, and Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management. Information on the graduate programs can be found in §205.9.

62.1 Undergraduate Programs

62.1.1 BCom Program

    The Bachelor of Commerce program seeks to provide the student with a broad background in the different areas of business as well as in related fields in the humanities and social sciences. The business world and its environment have changed enormously in the last twenty years and will change at an even faster pace in the next twenty. In this trend, questions about the environment will become increasingly important. No school of business can possibly teach the solution to problems which will arise several years from now. A school should, therefore, seek to provide a basis for effective self-learning through actual experience by teaching the broad underlying fields of knowledge which are basic to business. The emphasis is on developing a comprehensive analytical framework within which various organizational problems can be analyzed. Students will also be able to study an area of interest in some depth.

62.1.2 BCom Program after Approved Degree

    Requirements for a BCom degree after another approved degree will depend, in part, on the previous degree held.

    Individuals who have been admitted to the Faculty and have an approved degree conferred in the last eight years shall be required to satisfy the requirements of the Business Core plus five senior business electives. This is subject to completing a minimum of *45 in coursework and not more than *60 in the Faculty of Business. Students possessing a previous Business degree or equivalent from another institution may not be eligible for the After-Degree Program. Depending on previous coursework, a student in the After-Degree program may not be eligible to take certain majors or minors. The Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce is not available to After-Degree students.

    For further information, contact the Undergraduate Office of the Faculty of Business.

62.1.3 Bilingual BCom/Baccalauréat bilingue en Administration des affaires

    The four-year Bilingual Bachelor of Commerce degree is a collaborative effort between Faculté Saint-Jean and the Faculty of Business. This is a program unique in Canada for offering students the opportunity to obtain a fully bilingual Business degree in Canada's two official languages. Students will complete half of their course work at Faculté Saint-Jean and half of their coursework in the Faculty of Business. The objectives of the program are:

To respond to a need expressed by Francophone and Francophile students for course in French leading to a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Alberta;

To prepare bilingual (French-English) graduates who will be competitive in a global economy;

To promote the University of Alberta as a leading University offering a unique degree in North America;

To attract students from French-speaking Canada and other countries in the world where French is a major language.

    Students seeking entry to this program should consult the admissions sections for both the Faculty of Business (§15.4.1.VII) and Faculté Saint-Jean (§183.1.2). For a detailed program description see §§64.3 and 184.9.

62.1.4 Transition Year Program

    This admission category is reserved for aboriginal applicants who have successfully completed the Transition Year Program administered by Aboriginal Student Services Centre (Student Services Office) at this University. Such applicants will be considered for admission to the Faculty of Business if they have obtained a GPA of 2.3 or better. For further details, see §14.1.3.

62.1.5 Visiting Students

    Students from other universities or colleges are eligible to be considered for admission to the Faculty of Business as visiting students if


they are Business or equivalent degree program students at their home institution;


their home institution provides a letter of permission;


they have completed a minimum of *24 at the home institution;


their academic record shows satisfactory standing.

    Priority for visiting student status is given to students who are applying under the auspices of a formal exchange program. Visiting student status is granted for one academic year. Visiting students must reapply each year and present a new letter of permission from their home institution. As the Faculty of Business is a limited enrolment Faculty, visiting student admissions may be restricted.

    Degree students in the Faculty of Business wishing to attend another institution as a visiting student see §63.4.

62.1.6 Special Students Studying to Satisfy Requirements of Professional Accounting Organizations

    The Faculty's policy with respect to special students taking courses to satisfy the requirements of professional accounting organizations such as the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Society of Management Accountants, and the Certified General Accountants, is as follows:


Special accounting students, see §12.7 for deadlines.


All students applying for Special Student Status are required to be registered as a student with one of the professional accounting organizations and provide the Faculty with a letter confirming this registration. The letter must also detail which courses the student requires.


Students who hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, awarded by the University of Alberta within the previous five years from date of application, will be considered for admission to take the courses required to meet professional accounting requirements.


Students who received the Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta more than five years previous to the date of application must have graduated with a grade point average of at least 3.0 during their final year of study to be considered for admission.


All other applicants who hold an approved degree must have obtained a grade point average of at least 3.0 during their final year of study to be considered for admission.


Students who are admitted in accordance with (5) above will be allowed to take a maximum of *24 to satisfy professional accounting requirements. In all cases, course prerequisites must be satisfied. If the total number of courses required exceeds *24, including prerequisites, the applicant will be considered for the BCom program for applicants holding an approved degree.


Students will be admitted only if space exists both in the BCom program overall and in the courses required by the student.


Further information about professional accounting organizations is available from the following:

    Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta (CA)

    580 Manulife Place

    10180 - 101 St

    Edmonton, Alberta T5J 4R2

    Telephone: 424-7391

    The Society of Management Accountants of Alberta (CMA)

    1800, One Palliser Square

    125 - 9 Avenue SE

    Calgary, Alberta T2G 0P6

    Telephone: 1-800-332-1106

    The Certified General Accountants of Alberta (CGA)

    1410, 555 - 4 Avenue SW

    Calgary, Albert T2P 3E7

    Telephone: 1-800-661-1078

62.1.7 Certified Management Accountants (CMA)

    The University of Alberta Faculty of Business is a CMA Canada Acredited University Program. The accreditation process recognizes universities that achieve high standards of instruction in management accounting. Graduates of the University of Alberta Bachelor of Commerce program and MBA program may be exempt from writing the CMA Entrance Exam. Contact CMA Alberta for more information

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