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Programs of Study

134 Programs of Study

134.1 BScN—Collaborative Program

134.1.1 General Information

    In September 1997, a revised four-year Collaborative Baccalaureate Program commenced. The method of instruction is Context-Based Learning (CBL). Throughout the program, students work in small groups with a tutor to explore a series of scenarios. Content from nursing, physical sciences, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities is introduced and integrated beginning with the first scenario in NURS 190. Nursing practice occurs in concentrated blocks of time in each term, in various settings, including a community and an institutional experience in each year of the program. Six credits of electives are included.


The curriculum is designed to be taken over four years. Application for an extension to the program must be submitted to the Student Advisor. With approval, students have six years from the time of admission to complete requirements for this program.


Placements can be made anywhere in the Greater Edmonton area (Devon, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Morinville, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain) or as far away as 150 kilometers. Students are responsible for their transportation to practice placements and for the costs of travel and accommodations.


Students must purchase a stethoscope and a penlight at the time of admission. A lab coat and a uniform will be required later in the program.


Clinical practice may include shift and weekend rotations.


Students will have two opportunities to pass the Medication Administration Safety Screening (MASS) exam at the beginning of each clinical course. Failure to pass the MASS exam at the beginning of a clinical course will require students to delete their registration in the clinical course.

134.1.2 Course Sequence

Year 1

Fall Term

NURS 140 (*3)

NURS 150 (*3)

NURS 190 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 194 (*5) (6 weeks)

Winter Term

INT D 410 (*3) (10 weeks)

MMI 133 (*3)

NURS 151 (*3)

NURS 191 (*4) (7 weeks)

NURS 195 (*4) (7 weeks)


ENGL (*3) (see Note 1) 

One of PSYCO 106 (*3) or SOC 100 (*3)

Year 2

Fall Term

NURS 215 (*3) (6 weeks)

NURS 290 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 291 (*7) (7 weeks) or NURS 295 (*7) (7 weeks)

Winter Term

NURS 294 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 291 (*7) (7 weeks) or NURS 295 (*7) (7 weeks)

NURS 301 (*3) (6 weeks)


One of PSYCO 106 (*3) or SOC 100 (*3)

Elective (*3)

Year 3 (see Note 2)

Fall Term

NURS 341 (*3) (6 weeks) (see Note 3)

NURS 390 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 391 (*7) (7 weeks) or NURS 395 (*7) (7 weeks)

PHIL 388 (*1.5) or PHIL 379 (*1.5)

POL S 321 (*1.5)

Winter Term

NURS 394 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 395 (*7) (7 weeks) or NURS 391 (*7) (7 weeks)

PHIL 398 (*1.5) or PHIL 389 (*1.5)

POL S 322 (*1.5)


Elective (*3)

Year 4 (see Note 4)

Fall Term

NURS 490 (*5) (6 weeks)

NURS 491 (*7) (7 weeks)

Winter Term

NURS 494 (*3) (4 weeks) (see Note 5)

NURS 495 (*9) (10 weeks)



Any junior- or senior-level English course. ENGL 108 is recommended. Students should consult Department of English guidelines regarding prerequisites for senior-level courses.


To proceed to Year 3, all courses listed in Years 1 and 2 of the Collaborative Program must have been successfully completed.


An equivalent STAT (*3) course may be accepted in lieu of NURS 341.


To proceed to Year 4, all courses listed in Years 1, 2, and 3 of the Collaborative Program must have been successfully completed.


To proceed with NURS 494 students must have passed all courses of the Collaborative Program except the corequisite NURS 495.

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