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The Professors


Teaching and Scholarship

31 The Professors

31.1 Teaching and Scholarship

    Our professors are renowned across campus for their willingness and enthusiasm to provide excellent guidance and teaching to our students. Staff members help students choose options and advise them on career opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore their chosen fields and develop practical skills.

    Faculty are involved in the full chain of scholarly activity, from generation (research) and integration to dissemination (teaching and extension). Our teaching and research activities have gained international recognition and various awards. Combined with our patented discoveries, they are a testament to our continued commitment to excellence. Awards received over the past five years include:


N Willows

Academic Woman’s Association Women of the Year Award

L McCargar (2006)

Agriculture Institute of Canada Fellow Award

J Kennelly (2011)

Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame Induction

I Morrison (2010)

F Robinson (2006)

Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award

N Erbilgin (2009)

U Hacke (2008)

ASTech Award for Excellence in Science and Technology Public Awareness

J Acorn (2010)

ASTech Award for Innovation in Agricultural Sciences

D Bressler (2011)

L Dosdall (2010)

L McMullen (2009)

M Stiles (2009)

Boreal Leadership Individual Trailblazers Award

Fiona Schmiegelow

Canada Research Chairs

N Erbilgin

M Gaenzle

U Hacke

F He

B Parlee (Joint appointment with Native Studies)

R Weselake

Dieticians of Canada Fellow

L McCargar (2006)

Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada

JJ Kennelly (2011)

Fellow of the Poultry Science Association

FE Robinson (2007)

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

M Tyree (2008)

WL Adamowicz (2007)

International Union of Forest Research Organizations Scientific Achievement Award

J Zwiazek (2010)

Killam Annual Professorship

L McCargar (2009)

M Luckert (2008)

E Macdonald (2007)

N Keating (2007)

CJ Field (2006)

McCalla Research Professorship

D Davidson (2011)

D Spaner (2009)

J Zwiazek (2009)

C Field (2008)

N Krogman (2007)

LM McMullen (2006)

NACTA Distinguished Educator Award

F Robinson (2010)

NACTA Teaching Award of Merit

D Barreda (2011)

S Mohapatra (2010)

B Steiner (2009)

D Davidson (2008)

NACTA Teaching Fellow Award

L McMullen (2010)

C Wilkinson (2010)

NSERC Industrial Research Chair

S Landhausser

VJ Lieffers

NSERC Michael Smith Award for Science Promotion

John Acorn (2008)

Premier’s Alberta Food for Health Award

F Temelli (2010)

T Vasanthan (2010)

Provost's Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

D Barreda (2011)

3M Teaching Fellowship

FE Robinson (2007)

University Professor

WL Adamowicz (2008)

University Professor and Fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

T Clandinin (2006)

University of Alberta President’s Achievement Award

There’s a Heifer in Your Tank (2009)

Vargo Teaching Chair

MA Naeth (2010, 2005)

William Hardy Alexander Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

K Chandler (2007)

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